2014-09-14 4:21 GMT+08:00 Itamar Heim <iheim@redhat.com>:
On 09/12/2014 04:45 PM, Federico Alberto Sayd wrote:
On 12/09/14 09:55, Jakub Bittner wrote:
ISO upload over web UI.
+1, Is it so hard to implement such feature?

well, the tricky part is web ui access the engine, which doesn't access the storage, rather the hosts do, so you need to stream it via the engine.
good news are vdsm has now upload/download api's which should hopefully pave the way for this to materialize.

another problem is upload large file( usually over 2G ) in web pages.
my thoughs on this is to split large file in small chunks and merge it on server( engine side )
there are paid software available like PLupload but we may implement by ourselves, right ?

another approach is not upload using http, but this would be complex for users.

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