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Hi again, and sorry for the delay, I was sick, actually I am still sick.... :-(

Just to have more details, from what I have read about iSCSI offload, there are two modes, depending on the hardware you have (the adapter), using VMware terminology, no offense :-) , there is :

- Dependent mode : in this mode the adapter still need the software iSCSI to use the network configuration of the nic port, so the discovery is done on tcp, the rest on offload driver like bnxi2.

- Independent mode : in this mode the adapter takes all the work by itself, the network part, it will have it's own IP address and so on, and it does not need anything from the OS or the software iSCSI, the configuration is made in the BIOS of the adapter, and the connection is made before the OS is up.

Does the configuration on oVirt support the two modes? and is there any differences when using them, I mean during the setup.



I've no direct experience, but i suppose that both modes are available, if they are supported by a standard RHEL machine. In particular the "Independent mode" should be like said before: you'll see the storage as FC lun. In the other mode i think is a standard iSCSI setup, but requires the driver for taking advantage of the offloading.


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