From: Jason Keltz <>
Subject: [Users] RAID1 mirror on ovirt-node + engine nfs server
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I've been reading about ovirt, and ready to try my own experiments with
it.  I have two small questions..

When an ovirt-node is installed from the standard ISO, there's no
mention in the documentation about setting up a RAID1 mirror for the
root disk on the node.  I'm sure that once I get around to working out
kickstarting the node, I could easily install the raid1 mirror, but I'm
just wondering why I don't see that in the default ISO. Maybe I'm just
missing something.  Is redundancy of the disk on the node not
important?  Sure, if the node goes down, I guess the VMs could be run on
other nodes, but if we can prevent the node from going down in the first
place, then why not?

Kickstarting the Node is an interesting proposition, but not one that the current image is well-suited for. Nor is support for mdraid devices, to be honest. It's something worth considering (whether btrfs redundancy or mdraid), but it's not currently implemented to my knowledge. I could be wrong about that.

I also have a question about the storage backend.  In particular, I have
a pretty powerful server that I intend to use as the NFS server, and a
few servers to use as nodes.  On the other hand, I don't have a powerful
machine (at the moment) to use for the ovirt-engine.  Would it be poor
practice to run the ovirt-engine ON the NFS server?  During engine
setup, I see that you can setup an NFS share for ISOs from the
ovirt-engine, but I don't think there's mention of just generalized
storage there.  I suspect it's "poor practice", but I thought I'd ask
anyway.   My setup will be relatively small (say, 4 nodes), and this
would let me reduce 1 general server from the infrastructure (dedicated

I run the engine virtualized as a guest on the NFS server. This is definitely a workable use case, especially for small environments.