For windows guests under kvm, emulate touchscreen to guests works better, accurate screen cursor. It would be nice if oVirt or vdsm can support choose pointing device type (both Spice/Vnc)

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I would agree with this assessment. Spice while nice is an issue with windows and older linux/etc guests as well.
A few issues until the qxl paravirtual guest drivers are in place in the guest:
- windows guests --> erratic mouse movement and controls = install via KBD and add drivers by hand/kbd
- fix for windows guests = use templates or load from images that have been syspreped or slipstreamed w/driver
- older linux guests = ? EX: custom spins or old 2.4 based stuff
- non linux guests bsd/solaris/android = ?

Just  my 2 cents, but VNC or vrdp(VirtualBox) has worked well with all of the above guests
when it concerns remote consoles.

- Chris

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There are plans to enable other types of console for oVirt? Access by VNC or RPD?

There are many SO (windows) that access by SPICE is a little tricky.
VNC seems to be a more portable.


André Felício
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