Il 04 Ott 2017 15:51, "Alan Griffiths" <> ha scritto:

Is 4.0 supported/known to work on CentOS 7.4?

I've just tried to upgrade one of the hosts in my lab from 7.3 to 7.4
and now vdsm-network fails to start with

vdsm-tool: libvirt: XML-RPC error : authentication failed: authentication failed

To even get this far I had to exclude gluster packages as 7.4
introduces 3.8 but ovirt 4.0 repo is still on 3.7.

So, more generally. If I'm on ovirt 4.0, gluster 3.7 and EL 7.3. What
is the best ordering for getting to ovirt 4.1 and EL 7.4?

I would suggest to first upgrade to oVirt 4.1 and then complete the update to CentOS 7.4


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