On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 2:44 PM Thomas Simmons <twsnnva@gmail.com> wrote:

I am running into the same issue while attempting a new install of oVirt 4.4 to replace my hyperconverged 4.3 cluster. I am running into the issue on one of the inital steps (yum/dnf install cockpit-ovirt-dashboard vdsm-gluster ovirt-host). After some digging, I found that the version of libvirt that it's looking for (libvirt >= 7.6.0-2) is not in the CentOS 8 Advanced Virt repo, but is only in the CentOS Stream Advanced Virt repo.

You can see here that libvirt 7.0.0-14.1 is the latest available in the CentOS 8 Advanced Virt repo:


However, the newer libvirt 7.6.0-2 is available in the 8-stream repo:


I just did this for 4.3.10 -> 4.4.x.
For now (only going to last a few months) the upgrade path is:
- standalone engine:  pivot to a CentOS 8.4 VM - backup and restore method; decommission EL7 engine
- standalone engine: before upgrading your hosts set firewall management method to "firewalld". If you do not
  do this you will not see any network interfaces at your hosts ("Setup Host Networks" page)
- hosts: pivot to CentOS Stream 8 - nuke-n-pave your existing hosts in a rolling upgrade method

For engine, if you choose to use a EL8-rebuild (OL8, Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8) you will need to
set OTOPI_DNF_ENABLE=1 if engine-setup fails with a miniyum error (this means that it failed to detect
a dnf-capable system).

Richard Chan