I have the stable 3.0 release from the ovirt site (/release/stable/fedora/16) currently installed.  I could upgrade to one of the nightly builds if it's resolved there.  I can always clonezilla the current VMs and restore them on a fresh ovirt install, so I don't need to keep the current setup as is.  Actually, I'd like to get ovirt-engine running on RHEL 6, so if the latest git builds there, I'll pull that down.  I tried building from the latest git source on 6 a few days ago and the maven build ended w/ compile errors.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 12:45 PM, Itamar Heim <iheim@redhat.com> wrote:
On 04/13/2012 06:30 PM, Thomas Thompson wrote:
Hello.  I have a quick question regarding FreeIPA and oVirt.

Back at the end of Feb, there was some discussion on a bug w/ using
FreeIPA and oVirt (oVirt seeing the defaultnamingcontext attribute and
assuming it's AD rather than FreeIPA) on this list.  I've run into this
with the oVirt and FreeIPA packages with Fedora 16.  The thread ended
w/o a work-around, so I'm wondering if there's some progress on this
front.  I need this since I want to provide SPICE based access to VMs
for a small set of users in a test deployment, and oVirt doesn't have a
way to add users outside of integration with a directory service
(AFAIK).  Thanks.

the issue was fixed in the main git. which version of the rpm's are you using?
roy/oved/yair - any workaround (other than downgrading IPA)?