Did you import your storages again after the redeploy ?
If yes, there is a tab that allows you to import your templates and VMs.
Most probably you will be able to get all of them almost without issues (in my case all VMs got under the default cluster).
You only need new glusterfs volume  for the redeploy of the engine.

Still, have you booted your Engine and connected via VNC to check what happened ?
Also, keep in mind that the vdsm.log contains the XML of each VM started on the host.
That was how I booted my HostedEngine  when the configuration was broken.

Create the following alias:

alias virsh='virsh -c qemu:///system?authfile=/etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/virsh_auth.conf'

With it you will be able to use virsh define XML-file
virsh start HostedEngine

And so on...

If you have an already running HostedEngine (new deploy), try first importing existing storage domains and their VMs.
If not, try to power on your HostedEngine  with virsh and rescue DVD (for example CentOS 7 install DVD is a good way) and use  the troubleshoot menu to fix it.

By the way , how did you extend the disks?

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Strahil Nikolov

On Apr 11, 2019 18:33, Tau Makgaile <tau@sanren.ac.za> wrote:

I have been experiencing a problem with my hosted-engine after increasing / partition. The increase went well for few minutes and disconnected. It started by showing bad head and it has since unreachable/ un-ping-able  until. It was confusing because vms where still running. I decided to redeploy the engine with a hope that it will pull in the same vms into the dashboard. That did not give any positive results until i opted for a redeployment. things went well until i realized it will need to new glustermounts in order to go through, which also meant it risks losing information around my vms, which i have since stopped in order to allow the redeploment to carry on. 

I now need help to export all of the information around my vms, most importantly the disk images. I have been trying to get some disk images from /gluster_bricks/data/data/  with no luck in booting them up after conversion. I am thinking there might be information missing on this images since they boot into rescue mode.

Please share more insight on how one can locate the entire disk information or the database where vms were last running. 

I did a check into log files, and did matching of the images with vms names but i have been unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance for you reply,

Kind regards,