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From: "Vrgotic, Marko" <>
Date: Monday, 4 November 2019 at 14:01
To: "" <>
Subject: oVirt and Netapp question


Dear oVirt,


Few months ago our production environment oVirt with main Shared storage via NFS Netapp is live.


We have been deploying VMs with thin provisioned HDD 40GB based template, CentOS 7.

The Netapp NFS v4  storage volume is 7TB in size, also Thin Provisioned.


First attached screenshot shows the space allocation of the production volume from Netapp side.

Is there anyone in oVirt community who would be able to tell me the meaning of the 5.31 TB Over Provisioned Space?

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Second attached is the info  of the production volume from oVirt side:

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What I want to understand is the way how is oVirt reading the volume usage and Netapp and where is the difference.

Is the Over Allocated Space something that is just logically used/reserved and will be intelligently re-allocated/re-used as the actual Data Space Used grows or am I looking at oVIrt actually hitting Critical Space Action Blocker and will have to resize the volume?

If there is anyone from Netapp or with good Netapp experience that is able to help understanding the data above better, thank you in advance?


Kindly awaiting your reply.




kind regards/met vrindelijke groet


Marko Vrgotic