As part of my troubleshooting earlier this morning, I gracefully shut down the ovirt-engine so that it would come up on a different host (can't remember if I mentioned that or not).

I just verified forward DNS on all 3 of the hosts.
All 3 resolve each other just fine, and are able to ping each other. 
The hostnames look good, too.

I'm fairly certain that this problem didn't exist prior to me shutting the host down and replacing the network card.

That said, I don't think I ever setup rdns / ptr records to begin with. I don't recall reading that rdns was a requirement, nor do I remember setting it up when I built the cluster a couple weeks ago. Is this a requirement?

did setup forward dns entries into /etc/hosts on each server, though.

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On Saturday, April 24, 2021 11:03 AM, Strahil Nikolov <> wrote:

Hi David,

let's start with the DNS.
Check that both nodes resolve each other (both A/AAAA & PTR records).

If you set entries in /etc/hosts, check them out.

Also , check the output of 'hostname -s' & 'hostname -f' on both hosts.

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Strahil Nikolov