We are in a process of changing our network connection. Our current network is using 10.8.256.x and we will change to 10.16.248.x. We have a HA ovirt cluster (around 10 nodes) currently configure on the 10.8.256.x. So my question is is it possible to relocate the ovirt cluster to the 10.16.248.x.  We have tried to move everything to the new network without success. All the node seem to boot up properly, our gluster storage also work properly.
When we try to start the hosted-engine it goes up but fail the liveliness check. We have notice in the /var/log/openvswitch/ovn-controller.log that he is triying to connect to the hold ip address of the hosted-engine vm.
019-07-16T18:41:29.483Z|01992|reconnect|INFO|ssl: waiting 8 seconds before reconnect
2019-07-16T18:41:37.489Z|01993|reconnect|INFO|ssl: connecting...
2019-07-16T18:41:45.497Z|01994|reconnect|INFO|ssl: connection attempt timed out

So my question is were is the come from.

The routing table for one of our host look like this

estination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
default         gateway         UG    0      0        0 ovirtmgmt   U     0      0        0 ovirtmgmt
link-local     U     1002   0        0 eno1
link-local     U     1003   0        0 eno2
link-local     U     1025   0        0 ovirtmgmt

Any help would be really appreciated.