As you probably noticed there were no regular releases after oVirt 4.5.4 in December 2022.

Despite the calls to action to the community and to the companies involved with oVirt, there have been no uptake of the leading of the oVirt project yet.

The developers at Red Hat still dedicating time to the project are now facing the fact they lack the time to do formal releases despite they keep fixing platform regressions like the recent ones due to the new ansible changes. That makes a nightly snapshot setup a more stable environment than oVirt 4.5.4.

For this reason, we would like to suggest the user community to enable nightly repositories for oVirt by following the procedure at: https://www.ovirt.org/develop/dev-process/install-nightly-snapshot.html

This will ensure that the latest fixes for the platform regressions will be promptly available.


Sandro Bonazzola

MANAGER, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING - Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System

Red Hat EMEA


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