I am looking for an automated way, via Ansible to move a VM disk from one storage domain to another. I found the following, https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/modules/ovirt_disk_module.html and while it mentions copying a VM disk image from one domain to another it does not mention a live storage migration. Which is what I am looking to do. I want to take roughly 100 VMs and move their disk images from one domain to another that is available to the datacenter in some automated/scripted fashion. I am just curious if anyone out there has had to do this and how they tackled it. Or perhaps I am missing some easy obvious way, other than clicking all the disks and clicking move. However from the looks of it, if I did click all the disk and selected move, it appears RHV tries to do them all at once, which is probably not ideal, I would like it to move the disks in a serial One after another fashion, to conserve throughput and IO.


I also did not see anything on Ansible galaxy or the ovirt github that would do this.




Thank you.