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Not in 3.5, in 3.6 we have REST API for quota, but it's really strange, can you attach screenshot how looks detail panel, when you click on specific quota.

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Subject: [ovirt-users] unable to assign quota to users/groups

In 3.5.3, I'm trying to set a quota for each user. But I cannot find how to do it anymore as the Quota consumers tab is not there in my 3.5.3 install.

17.8. Using Quota to Limit Resources by User
This procedure describes how to use quotas to limit the resources a user has access to.

Procedure 17.5. Assigning a User to a Quota

In the tree, click the Data Center with the quota you want to associate with a User.
Click the Quota tab in the navigation pane.
Select the target quota in the list in the navigation pane.
Click the Consumers tab in the details pane.
Click Add at the top of the details pane.
In the Search field, type the name of the user you want to associate with the quota.
Click GO.
Select the check box at the left side of the row containing the name of the target user.
Click OK in the bottom right of the Assign Users and Groups to Quota window.
After a short time, the user will appear in the Consumers tab of the details pane.

What happened to the details pane? Is there another way to assign a quota to users/groups?

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