Check if you have gluster-selinux rpm installed.

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Hello everyone. First time posting. Sorry if this is already been spoken to... I didn't see anything with a quick search that I did.

3 nodes running dual E5-2600 series V4 CPUs with 256G memory in a Hybrid storage config.  2x 1.9TB SSDs and 6x 600G SAS spinners attached to a SAS/SATA HBA. 4x 1G ports.
During initial boot from the 4.4.8. ISO oVirt installer I set static IPs, added DNS entries and copied ssh keys copied to each host.

First issue with deploying the cluster was complaining about partitions found on sdb even though I reclaimed and deleted everything on all drives. Ended up zero'ing the drives and started over. Then sdb was on the filter list. So I edited the LVM.conf file.  now I am stuck on "Gluster brick_t is invalid, must be a file or device"  No idea what to do about that one.

Also, I am not sure if its actually pulling in the 600G 10k drives into the mix at all.  How would I confirm this?

First 1.9TB SSD drive Is where I am installing the OS.  Should I change this to some other drive or usb stick and have the 2x SSDs as cache and all spinners as capacity data?  not sure how all that is supposed to work as I am not too familiar with Gluster.

I know Nutanix and vSAN pretty well.  I wanted to try oVirt.  I am having a MUCH harder time with initial setup.  I appreciate any help / suggestions on best practice for my hardware setup.
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