Yes, I did use user portal with autologin box cheked. And it didn't work.

By the way, how to use ovirtcredprov.dll in Windows 7 to make it autologin?

2014-04-03 17:39 GMT+08:00 Vinzenz Feenstra <>:
On 04/03/2014 10:14 AM, lof yer wrote:
I was trying to add GINASSO in XP with ovirtguestservice started.
First of all, please note that with the 8th of April Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. This also means that we won't support Windows XP any longer.

I did that as GinaSSO/Reame.txt said.

But I failed to autologin as a domain user. I'd already add ovirt and guest XP to the ActiveDirectory.

What should I do then to make it right?

- Did you install also install and start the guest agent service?
This is a very basic requirement. From the admin portal you can see that the agent is running when it is reporting the IP of the guest os, and the application list is not empty.

- Did you use the user portal for the autologin?
The autologin only works via the user portal.

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