On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 4:33 AM Sandro Bonazzola <sbonazzo@redhat.com> wrote:
thanks for the report, looping in +Eduardo Lima and +Danilo Cesar Lemes de Paula .
Eduardo, Danilo, can you get selinux policy quickly fixed? If not it's probably better to retire the libvirt build to avoid further breakages.

I don´t  think so, as it is not a problem with our packages. Unfortunately this is something that is expected right? As far as I remember this is one of the major complaints with the CentOS Stream model, breakage can happen every now and then. There is no way to ensure stability of the packages there. For the tested and stable versions, we have the CentOS Virt SIG.

Eduardo, next time please wait to get test results before tagging to release:
Tue Jun  8 14:47:42 2021 libvirt-7.4.0-1.el8s tagged into virt8s-advancedvirt-common-candidate by etrunko [still active]
Tue Jun  8 16:21:14 2021 libvirt-7.4.0-1.el8s tagged into virt8s-advancedvirt-common-testing by etrunko [still active]
Tue Jun  8 16:21:17 2021 libvirt-7.4.0-1.el8s tagged into virt8s-advancedvirt-common-release by etrunko [still active]

we can get you feedback in few hours from oVirt CI consuming the test builds

Okay, I will send you guys a heads up whenever I have a new build out. I usually run CentOS Stream SIG updates on Fridays.


Il giorno mar 8 giu 2021 alle ore 21:15 Klaas Demter <klaasdemter@gmail.com> ha scritto:

I updated packages on my system today and ovirt is no longer starting,
turns out this is happening because of a selinux denial for a new
feature of libvirt-7.4.0-1.el8s.x86_64


a workaround is suggested in the ticket or you can set selinux to
permissive until selinux-policy is updated.



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