What do you mean Gluster being announced as EOL? Where did you find this information?

On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 9:34 AM penguin pages <jeremey.wise@gmail.com> wrote:

I have been building out HCI stack with KVM/RHEV + oVirt with the HCI deployment process.  This is very nice for small / remote site use cases, but with Gluster being anounced as EOL in 18 months, what is the replacement plan?

Are their working projects and plans to replace Gluster with CEPH?
Are their deployment plans to get an HCI stack onto a supported file system?

I liked gluster for the control plan for the oVirt engine and smaller utility VMs as each system has a full copy, I can retrieve /extract a copy of the VM without having all bricks back... it was just "easy" to use.  CEPH just means more complexity.. and though it scales better and has better features, it means that repair means having critical mass of nodes up before you can extra data (vs any disk can be pulled out of a gluster node, plugged into my laptop and I can at least extract the data).

I guess I am not trying to debate shifting to CEPH.. it does not matter.. that ship sailed...  What I am asking is when / what are the plans for replacement of Gluster for HCI.  Because right now, for small sites for HCI, when Gluster is no longer supported.. and CEPH does not make it... is to go VMWare and vSAN or some other total different stack.
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