2012/11/30 Dave Neary <>
Hi everyone,

The new oVirt website is now live!

We have made some changes to the infrastructure (the website is now running on MediaWiki: on Red Hat's Platform as a Service offering OpenShift: and also to the look and feel. There is a new theme, designed and laid out by Garrett Lesage, some new content to discover, and best of all, since the entire website is now a wiki, it will be much easier to maintain over time.

We have been careful to ensure that all of the old website links redirect to appropriate pages on the new site. If you find any dead links, or redirects which do not make sense, please let us know! And as the site has had limited exposure up to this point, we are happy to hear your feedback on things you like, and things we can improve.

Thank you all for your support, assistance and understanding throughout this process!


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