Iirc you need to have multiples of three severs for hyperconverged. You could have a 4 server cluster but only three of them would be participating in storage and one would be compute only.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong. 

On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 6:41 AM <email@christian-reiss.de> wrote:
Hey folks!

Quick question, really: I have 4 servers of identical hardware. The documentation says "you need 3", not "you need 3 or more"; is it possible to run hyperconverged with 4 servers (in same rack, let's neglect the possibility of 2 failing servers (split brain))?

Also: I have a nice seperate server (low power footprint, big on cpu (8) and has 32gb ram)-- would love to use this as engine server only. Can I initiate a hyperconverged system with 4 working host starting from a stand-alone engine? Or does "hyperconverged" a must for HA engine on the cluster?

One last one: Installing ovirt nodes, obviously. This will by default create a lvm across the entire RAID volume; can I simply create folders (with correct permissions) and use those as gluster bricks? Or do I need to partition the RAID in a special way?

Thanks for your pointers,
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