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Hi Gianluca.

We have a problem wit "export as ova" too.

In our env we back up all the vm with a python script that run an export.

If we run multiple export at the same time, also on different datacenter[but same engine], the wait for each other and do not run in async mode.

If only one of those export takes 10h, all of them taskes 10+h too.

seems that all the export have to end a step of the playbook to go on, but we see only one "nasible-playbook" process at a time.

Have you got any hint?


My post was one year old.
In the meantime you can check these two posts in archives by Jayme (I cc him):

In the first post it appears that by default the exports were of type fire and forget (that is what you need) and so he included a wait_for task to instead have them sequential.
I think you can borrow from his github playbooks and adapt to your needs.
Or Jayme, you could apply a general change where you set a variable (eg sequential_flow) that by default is true and then you modify theĀ  export_vm.yml playbook in the taskĀ 

- name: "Wait for export"

with the wait condition becoming of kind

when: (export_result is not failed) or (sequential_flow|bool == False)

This way by default the play workflow remains unchanged, but a user can set sequential_flow to False
What do you think about it?