I don't have any problem with ssh. i have problem with yum. SSHInactivityTimeoutSeconds is for  yum too? my Ovirt engine and vdsm are installed on the same host!
how can i see the completed list of ovirt options?

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I Installed ovirt 3.1 all in one package under centos 6.3 . but when
trying to install localhost as virtualization node (I have one server
with local storage) i got a error:
   The required action is taking longer than allowed by configuration.
I know the reason for it. i have very slow connection. I think ovirt
clean yum metadata and try to get metadata again. but my internet
connection  is very slow (about 64Kb/s)  and takes a lot of time to
finish. how can i increase the allowed time by configuration or some
change on postgresql database.?
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You can set the SSHInactivityTimoutSeconds within vdc_options table.

# psql -d engine -U postgres -c "update vdc_options set option_value = 600 where option_name = 'SSHInactivityTimoutSeconds';"
or try in Engine side using engine-config tool:

# engine-config -s SSHInactivityTimoutSeconds=(timer in sec)
# systemctl restart ovirt-engine.service