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Hi Gianluca,

As mentioned in below RFE, EL 8.4 is not enough, you also need Advanced Virtualization 8.4 (libvirt >= 7.0.0) and AFAIK this has not been released upstream:

So right now you can use 4.6 cluster level only on hosts running on CentOS Stream.

Also the error message tells you that all your Up hosts need to provide EL + AV 8.4 features before you upgrade cluster level. But of course you can upgrade them one by one, it's not required to put all hosts into Maintenance before upgrade.


OK, thanks for the note.
Inside Doc Text of the bugzilla above there is:
New features available in compatibility 4.6 are tracked as separate bugs depending on this bug.
Have you the id of the bugs related to these new features provided in 4.4.6?

Relevant bugs are linked in Blocks field in Bugzilla:

1669178 - [RFE] Q35 SecureBoot - Add ability to preserve variable store certificates
1688177 - [RFE] [SR-IOV] [Tech Preview RHV 4.4.6] Migration should not require downtime as of today
1821199 - HP VM fails to migrate between identical hosts (the same cpu flags) not supporting TSC
1834250 - CPU hotplug on UEFI VM causes VM reboot
1892800 - NVDIMM: VM hangs in wait for launch for more than 7 minutes before VM is up
1906074 - [RFE] Support disks copy between regular and managed block storage domains
1927718 - [RFE] Provide Reset option for VMs
1936163 - Enable bochs-display for UEFI guests by default
1936164 - Enable KVM Software TPM by default
1950752 - [RFE][CBT] redefine only the checkpoint that the backup is taken from and not the entire chain

BTW [OT]: is RHV-H 4.4.6 host image ready for cluster level 4.6 or not yet?

Yes, oVirt Node 4.4.6 is based CentOS Stream:

1907833 - Rebase oVirt Node on CentOS Stream 8


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