Hi all,

I have a setup as detailed below

- iSCSI Storage Domain
- Template with Thin QCOW2 disk
- Multiple VMs from Template with Thin disk
oVirt Node 4.4.4

When the VMs boots up it downloads some data to it and that leads to increase in volume size.
I see that every few seconds the VM gets paused with

"VM X has been paused due to no Storage space error."

 and then after few seconds

"VM X has recovered from paused back to up"

Sometimes after a many pause and recovery the VM dies with

"VM X is down with error. Exit message: Lost connection with qemu process."

and I have to restart the VMs.

My questions.

1. How to work around this dying VM?
2. Is there a way to use sparse disks without VM being paused again and again?

Thanks in advance.