Vpdotect is working well for us. It also supports incremental backups. You can backup 10 vms on the free tier, at least to try it out. 

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We are running oVirt  Should probably upgrade but it works.

We are backing up the engine every day with dump going to external NFS file system then onto the cloud.  For VMs we are doing backups within Linux itself using a program called Restic which then sends data to cloud S3 service.  That runs daily as well.

We also save all configuration data, for applications running on our VMs such as Apache, etc, within Ansible.   So we can quickly recreate the VM using Ansible, along with any applications, then restore any data, not saved in Ansible, such as private PKI keys or PostgreSQL dump, for example, from Restic.  Dockerized applications even easier.  There would be some downtime to redeploy a new VM but this is acceptable given the constrains of our environment.

I am wondering under what situations has anyone experienced VM corruption?  This would help me determine if more effort should be invested in snapshotting VMs and possibly exporting their disks.  Though as I recall removing snapshots from my storage domain would require shutting down the VM, right?


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