We have two Ovirt environments, our existing environment is Ovirt 4.1 And we want to migrate to our 4.2 environment, we chose this path because upgrading had a lot of issues for us, also we are migrating our cluster environment to a new IP scheme. So this made the most sense to us.

The question we have now is can we simply move an existing Fiber Channel domain from our Ovirt 4.1 environment to our 4.2 environment. I see information here that suggests we can, https://ovirt.org/documentation/admin-guide/chap-Storage/ however there is information further down in the document that seems conflicting or I am confused, I am willing to accept that.

Near the top of the page I linked it says the following

"Note: The export storage domain is deprecated. Storage data domains can be unattached from a data center and imported to another data center in the same environment, or in a different environment. Virtual machines, floating virtual disk images, and templates can then be uploaded from the imported storage domain to the attached data center. See Importing Existing Storage Domains for information on importing storage domains."

Ok cool so I should be able to import the storage domain into a new environment? According to that information it would seem so.

However further down it says the following,

"Reusing LUNs

LUNs cannot be reused, as is, to create a storage domain or virtual disk. If you try to reuse the LUNs, the Administration Portal displays the following error message:"

So I do not want to make a mistake, and remove my storage domain from my original ovirt environment just to find I cannot re add it to the new ovirt environment, and if I do that will I be able to import the VMs?

Thank you for any guidance on this topic, It would be much appreciated.

I guess the TLDR would be is the part pasted below of the linked documentation accurate for fiber channel?

Importing an existing data storage domain allows you to access all of the virtual machines and templates that the data storage domain contains. After you import the storage domain, you must manually import virtual machines, floating disk images, and templates into the destination data center. The process for importing the virtual machines and templates that a data storage domain contains is similar to that for an export storage domain. However, because data storage domains contain all the virtual machines and templates in a given data center, importing data storage domains is recommended for data recovery or large-scale migration of virtual machines between data centers or environments.
Important: You can import existing data storage domains that were attached to data centers with a compatibility level of 3.5 or higher."

Please forgive my confusion.

Jacob Green

Systems Admin

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