Are you duplicating the traffic over the same physical network by relaying through the VM, rather than writing directly to network storage, thereby halving the write performance?

Assuming you're on a GigE network, are all the network devices running in full duplex?

Just some guesses based on the fact that the throughput is almost exactly half.

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On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 5:23 AM, Stefano Stagnaro <> wrote:

I'm testing oVirt 3.3 with GlusterFS libgfapi back-end. I'm using a node for engine and one for VDSM. From the VMs I'm mounting a second GlusterFS volume on a third storage server.

I'm experiencing very bad transfer rates (38MB/s) writing from a client to a VM on the mounted GlusterFS. On the other hand, from the VM itself I can move a big file from the root vda (libgfapi) to the mounted GlusterFS at 70MB/s.

I can't really figure out where the bottleneck could be. I'm using only the default ovirtmgmt network.

Thank you for your help, any hint will be appreciated.

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