I am attempting to add the first host to a newly setup oVirt. Here is the error message that I am getting:

2012-04-27 00:09:23,485 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.VdsInstaller] (pool-5-thread-50) [57283fb3] Installation of node.example.com. No meaningful response recieved from Host. (Stage: Running first installation script on Host)

The following shows up in engine log before hand or if I try to run the script manually on the oVirt node:
/tmp/vds_installer_9b9fdf2c-d3e0-425d-bd05-e4e4e53b6602.py -c 'ssl=true;management_port=54321' -O 'example.com' -t 2012-04-27T00:09:22 -f /tmp/firewall.conf.9b9fdf2c-d3e0-425d-bd05-e4e4e53b6602 -p 8080 -b -v  http://mgmt.example.com:8080/Components/vds/ http://mgmt.example.com:8080/Components/vds/ node.example.com 9b9fdf2c-d3e0-425d-bd05-e4e4e53b6602 False
<BSTRAP component='INSTALLER' status='OK' message='Test platform succeeded'/>
<BSTRAP component='INSTALLER LIB' status='OK' message='Install library already exists'/>
<BSTRAP component='INSTALLER' status='OK' message='vds_bootstrap.py already exist'/>

        Usage: vds_compat.py [-r rev_num] [-O organizationName] [-t systemTime]
            [-n netconsole_host:port] [-u (seProductRepo) true|false ]
            [-f firewall_rules_file ] <url> <subject> <random_num>

What can I do to figure what could be wrong?