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For the 2 host scenario, disable quorum will allow you to do this.

I just disabled quorum and disabled the auto migration for my cluster. Here is what I get :
Try shutdown the host which isn't your SPM.

To remind, the path of my storage is localhost:/path and I selected "HOSTA" as host.
Volume options are :
cluster.server-quorum-type none
cluster.quorum-type fixed
cluster.quorum-count 1

If one host is shutdown, le storage and cluster become shutdown. => Do you have any idea about why I get this behaviour ? Is there a way to avoid it ?
VM on the UP host are OK; which is the expected behaviour.
I can migrate VM from one host to another when they're both UP.

However, when a host is down, VM on this host don't become down but in an unknown state instead. Is it a normal behaviour ? If so, how am I supposed to make them manually boot on the other host ?
You could try right click on the shutdown host and press "Confirm host has rebooted".

Thank you,
Grégoire Leroy