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Il giorno lun 12 apr 2021 alle ore 11:15 <matthew@peregrineit.net> ha scritto:
Hi All,

I need some "best practice" advice. We have a Ceph Storage Cluster (Octopus moving to Pacific) which we'd like to use with our new oVirt Cluster (all on CentOS 8 boxes). What I'd like to know is what is the "best" (ie recommended / best practice) way of doing this - via iSCSI, CFS, 'raw' RBD blocks, some other way I haven't read about yet, etc?

I realise 'best' is a subjective term, but what I tend to do is do 'manual' installs so that I both actually understand what is happening (ie how things fit together - I pull apart and rebuild mechanical clocks and watches for the same reason) and also so I can '"Puppet-ise" the results for future use. This means that I am *not* necessarily looking for "quick and dirty" or "quick and easy" (ie, I have no trouble using the CLI and 'vim-ing' conf files as required) but I do want a solid, "best-practice" system when I'm done.

So, can some please help? And also, would you mind pointing me towards the relevant documentation for the answer(s) supplied (yes, I *always* RTFM :-) ).

Thanks in advance

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