On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 4:36 PM Luca 'remix_tj' Lorenzetto <lorenzetto.luca@gmail.com> wrote:
On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 3:19 PM <lu.alfonsi@almaviva.it> wrote:
> Hi Luca,
> thanks for you reply. Following this procedure which are the step that i must reinstall instead of upgrade the Hypervisors?

You'll need to reinstall the hypervisors when upgrading from 3.6 to
4.0, because changes the OS release from centos/rhel 6 to centos/rhel
7. And maybe you'll require to do the same with the engine server.

An alternative procedure can be to stop all the vms on the 3.4
cluster, detach the storage volumes and attach the storage volumes on
a new cluster 4.3, reimporting back all the vms after recreating the
networks. I'm not sure this can work directly with 3.4 (maybe you
require to upgrade at least to 3.5), because is a very ancient
release, but maybe you can upgrade up to 3.6 and this should work.
With this procedure you can upgrade with a single step, but with a
longer downtime.

You can only import old SD to 4.3 from compatibility version 3.5 and higher:

Someone with more experience can confirm this?


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