+Shani Leviim can you assist?

On Fri, 23 Apr 2021 at 03:46, Ryan Chewning <ryan_chewning@trimble.com> wrote:
Hi List,

We need to add and remove directly mapped LUNs to multiple VMs in our Non-Production environment. The environment is backed by an iSCSI SAN. In testing when removing a directly mapped LUN it doesn't remove the underlying multipath and devices. Several questions.

1) Is this the expected behavior? 
2) Are we supposed to go to each KVM host and manually remove the underlying multipath devices?  
3) Is there a technical reason that oVirt doesn't do this as part of the steps to removing the storage?

This is something that was handled by the manager in the previous virtualization that we used, Oracle's  Xen based Oracle VM. 


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