ANNOUNCE: oVirt First Release

Ofer Schreiber oschreib at
Thu Feb 9 19:15:15 UTC 2012

I'm happy to announce the first community release of oVirt since the code was open sourced.

The first release includes:

* All the components required to operate a running oVirt installation
* oVirt Engine is now running on Jboss AS7 as the application server
* A new Python SDK to support the development of software utilizing the ovirt-engine APIs
* Fedora based oVirt Node

The release can be downloaded from:

The direct download links are:

Release notes:

Installation Guide:

For the entire oVirt community, thanks for your participation in making this release happen. In particular, thanks to anyone who contributed to this first release through testing, submitting patches, and bug reporting.

oVirt release manager, on behalf of the oVirt team.

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