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Brian Proffitt bproffit at redhat.com
Thu Mar 27 09:52:21 UTC 2014

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the general availability of its fifth formal release, oVirt 3.4, as of March 27, 2014.

oVirt is an open source alternative to VMware vSphere, and provides an excellent KVM management interface for multi-node virtualization. oVirt is available now for Fedora 19, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, and CentOS 6.5 (or similar).

New features include:

oVirt 3.4 Release Notes

* Hosted Engine: oVirt 3.4 features hosted engine, which enables oVirt engine to be run as a virtual machine (VM) on the host it manages. Hosted engine solves the chicken-and-the egg problem for users: the basic challenge of deploying and running an oVirt engine inside a VM. This clustered solution enables users to configure multiple hosts to run the hosted engine, ensuring the engine still runs in the event of any one host failure.

* Enhanced Gluster Support: Gluster Volume Asynchronous Tasks Management enables users to re-balance volumes and remove bricks in Gluster operations/rebalance and remove bricks in Gluster volumes.

* Preview: PPC64: Engine Support for PPC64 will add PPC64 architecture awareness to the ovirt-engine code, which currently makes various assumptions based on the x86 architecture. When specifying virtual machine devices, for example, what is suitable for x86 architecture may not be for POWER (or may not be available yet). VDSM Support for PPC64 introduces the capability of managing KVM on IBM POWER processors via oVirt. Administrators will be able to perform management functionalities such as adding or activating KVM, creating clusters of KVM and performing VM lifecycle management on any IBM POWER host. Migration is still a work in progress for KVM on IBM POWER processor.

* Preview: Hot-plug CPUs: oVirt 3.4 adds a preview of a Hot-plug CPU feature that enables administrators to ensure customer's service-level agreements are being met, the full utilization of spare hardware, and the capability to dynamically to scale vertically, down or up, a system's hardware according to application needs without restarting the virtual machine.

This release of oVirt also includes numerous bug fixes. See the release notes [1] for a complete list of the new features and bugs fixed.

The existing repository ovirt-stable has been updated for delivering this release without the need of enabling any other repository.

A new oVirt Node build is also available [2].

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.4_Release_Notes
[2] http://resources.ovirt.org/releases/3.4/iso/ovirt-node-iso-3.0.4-1.0.201401291204.vdsm34.el6.iso

Brian Proffitt - oVirt Community Manager
IRC: bkp @ #ovirt OFTC

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