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Thu Apr 18 14:32:28 EDT 2013

Hi oVirt Board Members, 

We are starting a process of optimizing the Ovirt Engine code for performance. To accomplish that, we need a Java Profiler. Many solutions exist in the market, some of them are open source. However, for our process, we need to have the following functionality from the profiler: 

    * CPU profiling 

        * See the application Hot Spots - meaning which method takes the longest to run, and how many times each method is run. 
Memory profiling. 

        * See the biggest objects that exist in the Engine heap, and who created them. 
Database profiling. 

        * See the queries that are being sent to the database, how many times they are executed, and the average execution duration. 
Thread profiling. 

        * Status of the system threads. 
These capabilities are covered by commercial profilers. One of them is called JProfiler ( 
The company that manufactures JProfiler offers a solution for open source projects, allowing them to use JProfiler licenses for free, in exchange for posting the JProfiler logo on the open source project site. (See here for an example) 

My question is whether you'll allow such posting on the Ovirt web site, so that the Engine team can use JProfiler to improve Ovirt's Engine performance. 

Liran Zelkha 
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