oVirt developer meeting @ KVM Forum

Dave Neary dneary at redhat.com
Sun Jul 21 18:41:51 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Put the date in your calendar! The oVirt developer meeting will be held
in Edinburgh on October 23rd alongside the KVM Forum.

As most of you know, the KVM Forum is happening alongside LinuxCon
Europe and CloudOpen Europe in Edinburgh this year, on October 21-23.

As we proposed to the oVirt board in January, we would like to take
advantage of this gathering of KVM core developers to plan the future of
the oVirt project too.

In addition to the numerous oVirt presentations which have been proposed
both for CloudOpen and the KVM Forum, we will be setting aside one day
for developer working sessions. The agenda for these sessions is not
(yet) set - we will have subject matter experts leading discussions on
the future of their component, where oVirt fits into the broader world
of virtualization and the cloud, and how we can grow the community.

Among the topics which may be on the table are:
* Storage - integration with Gluster, Ceph, Swift, Cinder, NetApp, EMC
* Core virtualization - what's missing to make oVirt the best
  virtualization solution on the market? What's next? How can oVirt
  best take advantage of the latest KVM features?
* Networking - Going beyond Quantum integration: L2 and L3 networking
  in oVirt
* User interface & engine - making oVirt nicer to use and easeir to
* Ecosystem - Integration with OpenStack, CloudStack; migration
  strategy from vSphere; integration with other 3rd party projects -
  what is our place in the world?
* Community and marketing - Should we add a forum? How can we grow the
  user base and community of oVirt?

(Note, these are just my ideas - topics will be set by session leaders
on a specific topic).

What next?

First, if you are interested in the future of the oVirt project, please
plan to attend the developer meeting. If you are active in oVirt, but
cannot finance your travel to the event, please send an email to
dneary at redhat.com - I can't promise anything, but we do not want budget
constraints to be the main reason for someone missing the meeting.

Second, if you are interested in leading a working session on one of the
topics above, or a different topic which is important to you, please
send an email to the Workshop program committee at workshop-pc at ovirt.org

We will keep you posted with schedule updates and more details as
plannign advances during the coming weeks.

Thanks for your interest, and for your support of oVirt!

Dave Neary.

Dave Neary - Community Action and Impact
Open Source and Standards, Red Hat - http://community.redhat.com
Ph: +33 9 50 71 55 62 / Cell: +33 6 77 01 92 13

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