[ovirt-devel] [Localization Question] Cluster Policy "power_saving"

Artyom Lukianov alukiano at redhat.com
Mon Dec 1 11:13:56 UTC 2014

No it must choose host that have cpu utilization between low and high thresholds, so if you have power_saving policy with HighUtilization 80 and LowUtilization 20, policy will try to find host that have cpu utilization between this two values, and if he found such host, will migrate vms on it(if found number of such hosts will choose host randomly). If you don't have such host, vms will stay on old host.

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Hi oVirt developers, 

I am currently translating documentation and I would like to ask you one question on power_saving Cluster Policy, 
in order to understand the mechanism properly so that I can translate accurately. 
(Please excuse me -- this might be a basic concept, but it is a bit confusing for me) 

My understanding is that when this is selected, the Manager tries to shut down a host which has the lowest usage within the cluster (so that it can save the power). 
In order to shut it down, VMs running on that host need to be migrated to other host. 
Which host will be the destination? 
Would it be the host with the second lowest usage rate? 

Many thanks in advance, 

Yuko Katabami 

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