[ovirt-devel] [QA] [DOC] Troubleshooting NFS Storage Issues

Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Fri Dec 5 09:32:47 UTC 2014

while testing hosted engine with a plain export like "/NotBackedUp/hosted"
I had some issues and was pointed to Troubleshooting NFS Storage Issues[1] wiki page.

Can someone from storage team update / review it?
I see things like:

"The NFS server must support NFSv3. oVirt 3.0 does not support NFSv4, while oVirt 4.0 does support NFSv4"


suggesting to use "no_subtree_check" disabling subtree checking, which has mild security implications, but can improve reliability in some
circumstances without proper description of why this is suggested.

CC-ing all authors I managed to find looking at page history.

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/Troubleshooting_NFS_Storage_Issues

Sandro Bonazzola
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