[ovirt-devel] where vm obeject be deleted from vmContainer when shutdown

Francesco Romani fromani at redhat.com
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> Subject: [ovirt-devel] where vm obeject be deleted from vmContainer when	shutdown
> Hi, Guys
> I am studying ovirt,  and now I am checking how vdsm manage VM.
> But now I have a trouble about the process "shutdown VM".
> I know that when start up a VM, a vm object will be added to the
> vmContainer.
> And I think the vm object will be deleted from vmContainer when
> shutdown/poweroff since
> the code will check whether the vm object exist in vmContainer when
> start up VM.

There is one caveat. When The VM is powered off for whatever reason,
will be still kept in Down status, to let the oVirt Engine collect
the data and make informed decision about how to do next.

"How to do next" could be just report to the user or spawn a new
VM instance elsewhere, or maybe something else. Up to Engine.

Once Engine collected the data, it sends 'destroy' to VDSM, which must
now drop the remainings of the VM and free the entry from vmContainer.


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