[ovirt-devel] Question about emulating ARM using oVirt

Itamar Heim iheim at redhat.com
Fri Dec 12 13:09:00 UTC 2014

On 12/11/2014 06:16 AM, Richard Chapman wrote:
> Hi and just wanted to say love oVirt.
> I’m using oVirt 3.5 on Fedora20 to help with are devel/testing needs.
> Are software runs on top of Linux both in Intel and ARM platforms.
> While oVirt can handle very well the intel side of things I still need
> to run everything on ARM on real hardware. What I’m wondering is there a
> plan to support at least ARM emulation using QEMU now libVirt has been
> fixed.
> Thank
> Chapman….

I can't say there is a real plan to do so at this point, but it 
shouldn't block you from writing a custom hook changing the xml we pass 
to libvirt to envoke qemu-kvm with arm instead of qemu-kvm.
you can (ab)use maybe some existing behaviors/properties, as well as add 
more of your own via custom properties (and for fancy - custom ui 
plugins to show those custom properties in the proper dialogs)

I'd say that's a good start to adding such support as an add-on, before 
considering it in the main code base.
that's actually how we sometime develop a new feature - first "try it 
for sanity" via a custom hook to understand its scope and the issues.

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