[ovirt-devel] VDSM, FCoE and VirtIO

Simone Tiraboschi stirabos at redhat.com
Mon Dec 15 15:52:08 UTC 2014

I'm writing cause I working on hosted-engine deploy over fiber channel.
If possible, I'd like to try it for developing purposes in a nested environment.
So I thought it would be possible to simulate a SAN with LIO and a vn2vn FCoE connection using a couple of VirtIO devices.

I had some troubles using fcoeadm over VirtIO but than I found your patch about libhbalinux and libudev. I applied it and it works or at least it seams to.
Here I tracked what I did:

Now the problem is that VDSM sees the FCoE device but it reports as failed:

'pathstatus': [{'lun': '0',
                  'physdev': 'sda',
                  'state': 'failed',
                  'type': 'FCP'}],

and I'm not sure if it's really an issue with VDSM or if it's something with my FCoE setup.

Did someone ever used VDSM with FCoE?


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