[ovirt-devel] ioprocess on debian

Zhou Zheng Sheng zhshzhou at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jun 25 07:52:25 UTC 2014

on 2014/06/25 15:39, Sven Kieske wrote:
> Am 25.06.2014 08:37, schrieb Zhou Zheng Sheng:
>> It seems Vinzenz has taken the most of work. I took a look at the
>> repository, it seems it contains only python-ioprocess and
>> ovirt-guest-agent. Would it be nice if we can host all the vdsm related
>> Debian packages in this repository? Then we can declare this is the more
>> official repository, and I can retire my luanchpad.net PPA. But if you
>> think my PPA is useful, I can update the packages in it.
> Well to be honest, I still have some production vms running with your
> ppa for the guest agent for ubuntu 12.04. and I can't update them myself.
> So it would really be cool if you would not retire your ppa.
> Thanks for your work!

No problem. Do you want to update to a recent ovirt-guest-agent for 12.04?

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