[ovirt-devel] oVirt's MoM feature list ?

Doron Fediuck dfediuck at redhat.com
Sat Jun 14 21:38:29 UTC 2014

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> On 13/06/14 11:52 +0000, Vinod, Chegu wrote:
> >Cc'ng Gilad
> >Vinod
> >
> >From: Vinod, Chegu
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> >Subject: oVirt's MoM feature list ?
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> >Hi Adam,
> >
> >Where can I find some information about the future features/enhancements
> >that are planned in MoM ? Perhaps it was discussed already in some email
> >group or in some presentation...If yes can you please point me to the same
> >?
> This is a great question for the devel list (added to cc:).  I think
> Doron and Martin (added to cc:) will be able to give some better
> responses to this as well.
> --
> Adam Litke

I agree this is a great question.
However, we do not keep a per components list. MoM's features
are interleaved with vdsm and engine bigger features. 

So usually we would mention mom and/or vdsm and/or engine where needed.
If you're looking for something specific please let me know and we'll 
try to close the gap.


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