[ovirt-devel] [QE][ACTION NEEDED] oVirt 3.5.0 Beta status

Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Wed Jun 18 09:47:48 UTC 2014

We're going to compose oVirt 3.5.0 Beta on Thu *2014-06-26 08:00 UTC*.
- Please be sure that master snapshot allow to create VMs before *2014-06-25 15:00 UTC*

The bug tracker [1] shows the following proposed blockers to be reviewed:

Bug ID	Whiteboard	Status		Summary
1001100	integration	NEW		Add log gathering for a new ovirt module (External scheduler)
1073944	integration	ASSIGNED	Add log gathering for a new ovirt module (External scheduler)
1060198	integration	NEW		[RFE] add support for Fedora 20

About Add log gathering for a new ovirt module (External scheduler), patch have been merged on upstream sos master branch.
Just waiting for a new sos build.

Feature freeze is now effective, no more features should be pushed.
The following features should be testable in 3.5.0 Beta according to Features Status Table [2]

Group		oVirt BZ	Title
gluster		1096713	Monitoring (UI plugin) Dashboard (Integrated with Nagios monitoring)
gluster		1040795	Gluster Volume Capacity monitoring
gluster		1083583	Gluster Profile
infra		1079821	[RFE] Prevent host fencing while kdumping
infra		1081049	[RFE] replace XML-RPC communication (engine-vdsm) with json-rpc based on bidirectional transport
infra		1083993	[RFE] using foreman provider to provision bare-metal hosts
infra		1090530	[RFE] Please add host count and guest count columns to "Clusters" tab in webadmin
infra		1078738	[RFE] make ovirt easy configurable to allow redirection of all logs to syslog
infra		1054778	[RFE] Allow to perform fence operations from a host in another DC
infra		1090803	[RFE] Change the "Slot" field to "Service Profile" when cisco_ucs is selected as the fencing type
infra		1090511	[RFE] Improve fencing robustness by retrying failed attempts
infra		1090800	[RFE] Add periodic power management health check to detect/warn about link-down detection of power management LAN
infra		1090529	[RFE] - introduction of Command-Coordination infrastructure
infra		1090794	[RFE] Search VMs based on MAC address from web-admin portal
infra		1090796	[RFE] Re-work engine ovirt-node host-deploy sequence
infra		1090798	[RFE] Admin GUI - Add host uptime information to the "General" tab
infra		1108861	[RFE] Support logging of commands parameters
infra		1108866	[RFE] Maintenance operations on a VM would ask for an optional reason
infra		1094123	[RFE][host-deploy] support more ciphers for ssh - upgrade apache-sshd to 0.11.0
infra		1108876	[RFE] report SELinux policy and show it in UI + warn when not enabled
infra		1090808	[RFE] Ability to dismiss alerts and events from web-admin portal
infra		1058737	[RFE] Restart HA VMs ASAP
infra-api	1090797	[RFE] RESTAPI: Add /tags sub-collection for Template resource
infra-cli	855724	[RFE] ovirt-engine-restapi : Statistic values representation issues
infra-dwh	1091686	prevent OutOfMemoryError after starting the dwh service.
infra-dwh	1091687	History DB should sync user's first and last name for user usage tables
integration	1026930	ovirt-guest-tools-iso similar to rhev-guest-tools-iso and uploaded to ISO domain by default
integration	1080402	Allow setup of iSCSI based storage for hosted engine
integration	1080992	websocket proxy running on separate host
network		1078836	Add a warning when adding display network
network		1079719	Display of NIC Slave/Bond fault on Event Log
network		1080984	Support bridging_opts functionality within oVirt
network		1080987	Support ethtool_opts functionality within oVirt
node		875088	 ovirt-node-registration - a generic node registration
node		1038616	ovirt node support for hosted engine nodes
node		1053435	oVirt virtual appliance
sla		1036731	hosted engine on iscsi
sla		1093051	Integrating with Opta Planner to demonstrate a balanced cluster
sla		1108602	Implement REST API for oVirt scheduler
storage		1054241	Store OVF on any domains
storage		1055640	Get rid of storage pool metadata on master storage domain
storage		1083312	Disk alias recycling in web-admin portal
storage		1086181	[RFE] Snapshot overview in webadmin portal
ux		987953	support tree refresh
ux		1057212	add an explanation tool-tip to the 'Feedback' button
ux		1066425	UI plugin API - add SystemTreeSelectionChange callback
ux		1110566	automatically select item in the grid if it is the only item
ux			optimize queries invocation for left-pane tree data retrieval
virt		1058832	Allow to clone a (down) VM without snapshot/template
virt		1031040	can't set different keymap for vnc via runonce option
virt		1043471	oVirt guest agent for SLES
virt		1073453	Debian 7 support (incl. 1043474 oVirt guest agent for Debian)
virt		1072313	Edit Running Vm
virt		1083049	add progress bar for vm migration
virt		1083065	EL 7 guest compatibility
virt		1083059	"Instance types (new template handling) - adding flavours"
virt			Allow guest serial number to be configurable
virt		1047624	[RFE] support BIOS boot device menu
virt		1082479	disable spice file transfer & copy and paste
virt		1083129	allows setting netbios name, locale, language and keyboard settings for windows vm's
virt		1108599	spice-html5 button to show debug console/output window
virt		1080002	[RFE] Enable user defined Windows Sysprep file

Recently added to the table:

infra		1076964	[AAA] rewrite/refactor
infra		1075556	Expose bookmarks through REST API
network		1079691	Set 'save network configuration' default to 'true' on setup networks dialog
network		1091863	Accept vlan devices identified by any name
network		590413	Sort by 'IP address' (in VM tab) should not treat the IP address as a string
node		984939	add method to edit and persist grub command line
node		999325	Framework to publish supported services/protocols and offer a limited set of RPC functions
node		1073720	Add --update option to edit-node
node		75902	Add ovirt-node-config commandline tool to configure Node
storage		1087059	NFS custom mountoptions
storage		1095494	Support single disk snapshot on preview snapshot action in REST-API
virt		557125	 internationalize exitMessage; use meaningful exitCode
virt		1040088	add freebsd to list of guest os's
virt		1076917	Enable log-in (ssh key) for a regular user via cloud-init
virt		1082497	add hostname attribute for windows sysprep
infra		1084770	vdsm-tool: replace libvirt-configure.sh with python code

Some more features may be included since they were near to be completed on last sync meeting.
The table will be updated on next sync meeting scheduled for 2014-06-18.

There are still 358 bugs [3] targeted to 3.5.0.
Excluding node and documentation bugs we still have 297 bugs [4] targeted to 3.5.0.

Maintainers / Assignee:
- Please remember to rebuild your packages before *2014-06-04 15:00 UTC* if needed, otherwise nightly snapshot will be taken.
- Please be sure that master snapshot allow to create VMs before *2014-06-25 15:00 UTC*
- If you find a blocker bug please remember to add it to the tracker [1]
- Please start filling release notes, the page has been created here [5]
- Please review and add test cases to oVirt 3.5 Test Day [6]

- You're welcome to join us testing this beta release and getting involved in oVirt Quality Assurance[7]!

[1] http://bugzilla.redhat.com/1073943
[2] http://bit.ly/17qBn6F
[3] http://red.ht/1pVEk7H
[4] http://red.ht/1rLCJwF
[5] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5_Release_Notes
[6] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5_TestDay
[7] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_Quality_Assurance


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