[ovirt-devel] [oVirt 3.5 Localization Question #3] "Device source"

Yuko Katabami ykatabam at redhat.com
Fri Jun 20 12:00:43 UTC 2014


Our French translator is taking her PTO from mid next week and I would 
like to ask your help in resolving the remaining questions that are not 
answered yet before she will be away.
I am adding a new comment to each remaining question and re-post them, 
hopefully making it easy to answer.

Here is the first one.

In the 3.5.0-00 environment we are using, I found the relevant part 
including those strings (see attached screenshot).

- So the word "source" for the string "device source" as well as 
"Required Random Number Generator sources" is referring to source of 
entropy from which the Random Number Generator generates random numbers?

Kind regards,


On 06/18/2014 11:42 PM, Yuko Katabami wrote:
> In the same file, I also found the following string with the word 
> "sources":
> *Resource ID: * requiredRngSources
> *Strings:* Required Random Number Generator sources:
> *Question: *Is the word "sources" referring to source codes or origin?
> On 06/18/2014 01:34 PM, Yuko Katabami wrote:
>> Hello,
>> another question arose and would like to ask for your help,
>> *
>> File:***CommonApplicationConstants*
>> **Resource ID:*** deviceSource*
>> **Strings:***Device source
>> *Question: *Could anyone explain how this string is used in UI? What 
>> does the "source" refer to?  Origin of the device or the "source code"?
>> Kind regards,
>> Yuko
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