[ovirt-devel] Annotating internal commands

Omer Frenkel ofrenkel at redhat.com
Wed Jun 25 07:53:16 UTC 2014

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> From: "Yair Zaslavsky" <yzaslavs at redhat.com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 6:19:35 AM
> Subject: [ovirt-devel] Annotating internal commands
> Hi,
> Some of you already got or will get emails from me asking if several commands
> are only internal or not.
> I basically check usages at rest-api and ui, but I might have missed
> something.
> IMHO, we should continue (until we device not to :) ) to annotate internal
> commands with the
> @InternalCommandAttribute

amm, the name of this attribute might be misleading,
this attribute, afair, just make the infra skip audit log of the command.
although it makes sense that any command that a user can run will not have this, because we want to audit log any action user do,
but there might be some cases where command that is called only internally does need to be logged, and then you cannot use it..
(i didnt look for examples, don't know if there are any)

> Thanks,
> Yair
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