[ovirt-devel] Note on SearchableListModel.supportsServerSideSorting override

Vojtech Szocs vszocs at redhat.com
Fri Jun 27 12:23:39 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

I see that some UiCommon models, such as VmListModel, already have
override for SearchableListModel.supportsServerSideSorting method.

In general, any SearchableListModel subclass should contain:

  public boolean supportsServerSideSorting() { return true; }

if, and only if, its syncSearch method uses VdcQueryType.Search
(Search query). This applies to all SearchableListModel subclasses,
i.e. both main tab & sub tab list models.

Due to current class inheritance where sub tab list models (like
ClusterVmListModel) extend main tab list models (like VmListModel),
please make sure to check following scenario:

- main tab model uses Search query, supportsServerSideSorting=true
- sub tab model does NOT use search query --> must provide override


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