[ovirt-devel] HP ILO2 , fence not working, with SSH port specified, a Bug?

mad Engineer themadengin33r at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 06:36:36 UTC 2014

hi i have an old HP server with ILO2

on manager i configured power management and configured SSH port to use for

for checking SSH i manually ssh to ILO and is working fine,

but power management test always fail with "*Unable to connect/login to
fencing device*"

log shows its using fence_ilo instead of fence_ilo2

Thread-18::DEBUG::2014-06-30 08:23:14,106::API::1133::vds::(fenceNode)
Thread-18::DEBUG::2014-06-30 08:23:14,741::API::1159::vds::(fenceNode) rc 1
in agent=*fence_ilo*
ssl=no out  err *Unable to connect/login to fencing device*

*Manually testing*

fence_ilo -a xxxxxx  -l Administrator -p xxxxx -o status
Status: ON

but with ssh port specified ie *-u *

fence_ilo -a xxxxxx  -l Administrator -p xxxxx -o status  -u 22
*Unable to connect/login to fencing device*

So when we specify ssh port it fails and with out ssh port its working

this is the case with ILO2 also

for ilo3 and ilo4 since it does not ask for SSH port its working

Is this a Bug

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