[ovirt-devel] What should I do to understand ovirt from source code ?

橡皮泥 534038294 at qq.com
Sun Jul 19 11:57:57 UTC 2015

Hello everyone:
    I am reading the source code of ovirt-engine these days, trying to figure out how it works at code level. But I am a rookie in open source world, and know just a little about j2ee web apps. So chanllages are everywhere and recently I just found that I could not continue reading the source code all alone, so I turn to you for help.   
    I'll deeply appreciate your sincere help if someone could tell me what should I do now. I mean that, to gain the capability to understand the source code, what kind of knowledge should I have, or, which books should I read ?  Should I build ovirt-engine from source code using maven first ?
    P.S. I could program with java. And I've learned somthing about servelet, jsp and EJBs, but I'm not expert to them. I have an operating ovirt system. What's more, I've read a lot of documents about the architecture of ovirt, so I know it's modules from a very high view.  
    Thanks for your time, and it will be highly appreciated if you could offer me your precious advice.

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