[ovirt-devel] [ OST Failure Report ] [ oVirt master ] [ 01 Nov 2017 ] [ 098_ovirt_provider_ovn.test_ovn_provider_rest ]

Dafna Ron dron at redhat.com
Wed Nov 1 10:01:05 UTC 2017


098_ovirt_provider_ovn.test_ovn_provider_rest failed on removing the
interface from a running vm.

I have seen this before, do we perhaps have a race in OST where the vm
is still running at times?


*Link to suspected patches: Patch reported is below but I am suspecting
its a race and not related*



*Link to Job:*




*Link to all logs:*



(Relevant) error snippet from the log:


2017-10-31 10:58:43,516-04 ERROR
[org.ovirt.engine.api.restapi.resource.AbstractBackendResource] (default
task-32) [] Operation Failed: [Cannot remove Interface. The VM Network
Interface is plugged to a running VM.]



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